Monday, November 3, 2008

Back from Hiatus (Hopefully this time for good...)

Yay, the internet is finally up in the yeshiva! I’ll be trying to post a few times a week from now on (depending how busy I am).
So what’s happened in the last few week’s since I last posted? Well one thing was Succos, and the first time I ever kept one day of Chag.
It was a very interesting experience, and a little different then I expected. You’d think that making such a drastic change from what you’ve been doing your entire life would feel like it had more of an impact, but the next day just felt like any other day of Chol Hamoed. The interesting part came during the second days on Simchas Torah. The way it works in Israel is that everyone has Hakafos on Smini Atzeres and then 2nd night they bring a band into the Beis Medrash for the dancing. The weird part was the next morning, as I was putting my Tifillin away and getting ready to leave to Yerushalayim, the 2nd day guys started their hakafos by themselves. THAT felt weird.

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