Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Tax Form has Arrived!...and it's all in Hebrew

Well, I returned for Yerushalayim today to an email informing me that my tax form is in my box, waiting to be filled out and returned to the office. I open up the envelope, and discover that the entire form (all 3 pages) are "Rak BeIvrit."
So what do I do?
Utilize mostly from the Hebrew I learned in in Ulpan which helped me fill out about 70% of the form (I knew that darn thing was good for something!) and then used Google Translate for the rest of the words I didn't know.
I did discover that you have to be careful how you conjugate the words and try to strip to word down to the root, otherwise the word could be changed from "Parents" to "Saponaria," (and I have no clue what that means.)

But this is just a reminder to me (and to all of those in America who are biting their fingernails-which is not healthy by the way) that even with a war life goes on. And we do have to remember that there are people who are literally putting their lives on the line in order for me to sit here comfortably in front of the computer, filling out a tax form, in the Land of Israel.